Teller Functions

Member Summary

All the data is the world is useless it gets organized, when data becomes organized it becomes information, and information is power. We have designed our Member Summary program to give you and your tellers a general overview of any particular member’s accounts in an organized easy to view platform. From the Member Summary screen you will quickly be able to see the status of that members Share accounts, Draft Accounts, Loans, Special Messages, and other General account information on one screen. From the Member Summary screen you can quickly and easily move to view detailed information and history on each product or service that particular member might have. The Member Summary program is a powerful, easy to use tool, that will put all of your members information at your fingertips and allow you to answer their questions without having to search throughout the system in different places.

Flash Teller

A posting program designed to let your tellers handle everyday transactions from your members needs to be three things fast, easy to use, and reliable, the AMI Flash Teller program is all three. The Flash Teller allows your tellers to handle the everyday transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, loan payments. Multiple transactions can be inputted at one time and all processed simultaneously with all transactions showing on one receipt, and as usual all cash back options are in use. Checks can be added up on your terminal transactions. The Flash Teller program was designed in cooperation with our customers, for Credit Unions by Credit Unions, so you can be assured that it will work for you.

Cash Drawer Features

Our Cash drawer features like our simplified Open and Close feature allow you to count your cash and checks and get out the door as fast as possible. You will have the ability to run reports against each teller’s cash drawers throughout the day to make sure everything is balancing and correct mistakes as they happen not at the end of the day when your trying to go home. The system has reports in place which will segregate money with regards to how it was either deposited or withdrawn and many other cash drawer reports all designed to make it easy and convenient for you to operate your cash drawers.



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