Member.Net Home Banking

As Credit Union members become more familiar with, and comfortable using the Internet,  a home banking solution can become a valuable asset to any Credit Union’s portfolio of services. AMI offers a full featured, secure, easy to use, and cost effective solution that integrates seamlessly with our core data processing platform. We offer two solutions that cover Credit Unions of all sizes, a batch solution and a real-time solution. With our batch solution you are able to upload a file to our secure internet servers several times a day. Our real-time solution offers a direct feed into our system, and all transactions that are conducted through the internet affect your members account immediately.  Accessing account information through AMI’s Member.Net mobile app makes it even more convienent and allows your members to bank on the run.  Competition for your members has never been as great as it is right now and additional flexible service offerings like an Internet banking solution can help retain your members today and into the future.  Here is a list of features that Member.Net Home Banking offers:




Data Processing Audits
Disaster Recovery C.U.R.E.
P.O.R.T. Document Storage
IRS Forms Printing and Reporting
Metro 2 Credit Bureau Reporting


Data Match FIDM
Internet Security Audits
Statement Printing Service
Member.Net Home Banking
Audio Response


Member Accounts
Share Drafts
Share Certificates
Teller Functions


General Ledger
Reporting Features
Member.Net Home Banking
Mobile Banking
Que Master
Batch Processing


Photo ID/Signature Verification
Remote Access Options


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